Thursday, June 17, 2021

Comings and goings to which George is oblivious

Let's start with a pretty photo. Daughter brought me a bunch of sweet peas from her garden. I have them next to me on my desk and they smell delicious.

We also have some beautiful peonies in the garden.

The carpet fitters came at ridiculously early o'clock (okay, about 8.30 am) this morning to do the stairs and landing. I am very anxious when there are people working in the house. Should I offer them coffee? Do they need to be tipped? etc all while I am keeping well out of their way. 

I am just panicking over whether I can go out for my food delivery without having been to the toilet - being unable to go upstairs and not wanting to go to the downstairs toilet where they could hear me - horror of horrors - when they finish. 

Needless to say the colour isn't quite what I remembered it to be but it is fine. Now all that needs doing is hanging the new curtain, cleaning/polishing the hall floor, and putting down the new rugs. I even went out and bought a new expensive polish for the floor but now the sun is shining and I am thinking maybe I should go and sit in the garden and read instead of getting on with the floor. And I did get up early so I am tired.

Plus reading would make me forget for a little while that the time is rapidly approaching when Younger Son and family will be off to Italy. And stop me getting too hopeful and excited that Elder Son and family may be moving here next week.

I don't think I mentioned that before. I have been too worried that they may change their minds to put too much emphasis on it. And still something could happen and cause it all to fall through.

But assuming it doesn't it will be wonderful to have them here. I never thought they would leave Surrey because all the good IT jobs are in London plus Daughter-in-law's family live up that way. So when Elder Son said they were considering it - because since lockdown he's been working from home and that's been fine - I was thrilled to my little socks but what with Younger Son leaving I didn't want to rest all my hopes on them.

The fact that it's all happening together is both good and bad. Both sons have been very stressed by the process for various reasons - I believe moving house is one of the most stressful things in life. But come late July things around here could be looking quite different.

In other news I have booked a session with Slimming World next week. I can't do it on my own and my clothes are getting tighter and tighter. My other exercise class starts again next week too so watch out world!

I forgot to say that when I let the fitters in George was fast asleep in the hall. He didn't move when they came in leading the main man to say, 'Is he real?'


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lots of changes on the horizon! That can be very exciting!

LL Cool Joe said...

Carpets never look quite the same when they are laid. One time I was so disappointed I made them take them back up again and got it changed. :D