Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Line of Giri

As I said, I'm leading bible study tonight. We have a couple of study guides to help us prepare. Here is what I read in one of them this morning:

“Verses 11,12 and 13 thus explain verse 10, which in turn explains the crucial verse 9, which in turn makes the link with the quotation from Deuteronomy 30 in verse 8.”

I mean, seriously?

Only thing for it: ignore books, do my own thing.

How wrong can I get it? (Don't answer that.)

Probably as wrong as I get it in most police dramas. It probably doesn't help that we're following two at the moment - Line of Duty and Giri Haji. Watching them on the same night definitely isn't helpful especially as the same woman plays a police officer in both.

What we need, Husband suggests, is one of those big whiteboards the police have with photos of all the characters, and with their names and connections on.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've heard that "Line of Duty" is very good, but I've never heard of the other show. Yes, simultaneously watching two shows with the same actor in the main role would confuse me too!

Chuck Pergiel said...

It's really bad when they are in a foreign language and everyone has two or three names they answer to. We watched Duty/Shame last year. It was pretty great.

Janie Junebug said...

Preparing a Bible study can be hard work and that guide didn't help. It always bugs me when instruction say look at this and this and this and you'll know what to do. Well, no, I don't.


nick said...

I'm with Husband re a "crib sheet" whiteboard clarifying exactly who's who and the increasing convolutions of plot and sub-plot. Even Jenny gets confused by Line of Duty although she can usually keep up with the complexities of TV dramas.

PipeTobacco said...

Oh! I like police dramas, so I looked them up.... they both seem really good from the clips I could view.

Unfortunately it appears I cannot view either program, sadly. One appears to BBC only, and the “BBC America” I have access to does not carry it, and the other (Giri) appears to possibly be available on Nexflix, but we do not subscribe to Netflix.

A shame.

There are SO many BBC programs that are on the collective set of BBC channels I WOULD really enjoy watching. I wish the BBC collective would be available for streaming in the US.... that would be a streaming service I WOULD get!!!!

Do/did you ever watch a program called “Welcome to the Chateau”? At least that is what it is called here. It is delightful!!!!! My wife and I relish watching it each week!!!


PipeTobacco said...

I misspoke... it is “Escape to the Chateau” and features Dock and Angel Strawbridge as they renovate their French Chateau. It appears to have originally ran in England around 2015-2018 it seems. The show is wonderful and my wife and I both find Dick and Angel so charming, fun, and upbeat!


PipeTobacco said...

Ugh. Dock was an autocorrect... it was meant to be “Dick” (Richard).