Monday, March 01, 2021

Then there is my bottom

Run 3 of 8 completed. The last simple run. Next time I'm moving onto intervals, which means running fast for three minutes then not so for four. Or something like that. I'm not sure I can run any faster.

Anyway before I set off this morning I set myself the target of beating last week's times. This isn't a good sign. I was almost enthusiastic. That enthusiasm was soon quenched though.

I had just completed my warm-up and was approaching the controlled traffic crossing. Some people were crossing as I was getting there so I thought I'd wait for the next break - but the cars waited for me! So I felt obliged to run fast(ish). So I started my 'run' proper panting like an idiot. 

I always pant a lot at the slightest exertion. I've always been the same - as far back as I've noticed these things anyway. I seem to be more obviously panty than most others doing the same thing. And it's embarrassing. But I told myself today that there was no-one close enough to me to notice so to just get on with it. It was a beautiful morning but the wind was cold and I blame that for taking my breath away and making me worse than usual.

I managed a fairly steady slow jog again for the first half and quite a bit of the second half - after a little rest in the middle - and my first mile was completed 6 seconds faster than I did last week. So that made me happy. My little rest meant that I didn't knock any more time off though.

Oh good grief, listen to me talking like a keen runner. 

Oh and it's St David's Day today. On Friday the milkman left us a little gift of daffodils. We wondered why he didn't wait until today but now I realise that by having them on Friday it means they're fully opened for today.

P.S. St David is the patron saint of Wales and daffodils are our national flower.
P.P.S. You may be wondering about the title and where my bottom comes into this post: I wear leggings to run and I am very conscious of my bottom peeking out below my hoodie. It's not huge compared to some I've seen but it is saggy.
P.P.P.S. My latest article for The Bay magazine is out now. As it's Mother's Day this month I'm looking at mothers and children.


Cop Car said...

When we get too self-conscious of the way we look (or pant), we should remember what my mother always said to me, "Well, aren't you the princess? No one is looking at you. They are wrapped up in themselves!"

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy St David's Day! And your article's riff on Welsh Mom Mary with her teenager Jesus rolling his eyes is very funny!

Liz Hinds said...

That is very true, Copcar.

Thanks, Debra!

Janie Junebug said...

You need to post a photo of your bottom in running gear so we can assure you it isn't saggy.


pam nash said...

You actually have someone that delivers milk - to your house?? Wow! And he brought flowers too? Wales ... hmmm, I have ancestors from Wales ... probably too long a drive and I'd have to get a hotel room and eat out and - sigh, no.

Marie Smith said...

You are doing well with the exercise regime. Running isn’t my cup of tea at all.

Ole Phat Stu said...

"Saggy Bottom" : is that the name of an english village in one of the
Carry-On movies?

Cop Car said...

"Saggy Bottom" is not to be confused with "Foggy Bottom" in Washington DC which is home of our (USA) Department of State.

Liz Hinds said...

No, it definitely is, Janie!

Yes, Pam. Not many people still have milk delivered but I really like it.

It's not my cup of tea either, Marie!

Or possibly a Midsommer Murder setting, Stu.

Is it, CopCar? There are some fascinating place names.