Saturday, June 24, 2017

Anniversary flowers from Husband? Or not?

anniversary flowers 2008
Husband went shopping while I did some cleaning this morning. On his return he said, 'Oh bother, I meant to get you some flowers but I forgot.'
'You forgot? Even after I deliberately walked slowly past you with a vase of dead flowers in my hands just before you left?'
'I thought about it.'

In case you're wondering about the photo that was a bunch of flowers given to me by a Zac's regular back in 2008.

Husband and I decided some years ago not to exchange cards or gifts on our anniversary but we did go out for a walk this afternoon and we're eating out tonight.

We walked from Kittle through Bishopston Valley to Pwll Du, a walk that is always further than I expect. And George took advantage of the visit to the beach to rescue some stones.

At least we always think he's saving them but a thought occurred to me this afternoon: perhaps rather than saving stones he's catching them. Some dogs like to catch cats or squirrels. Maybe George just prefers the stone catching option. He's very good at it. And determined. He spent ages in that rock pool trying to catch the stone.


Shirley Davis said...

I'm glad you are having a good day together. As you decided on the no-card no-gift option George clearly thinks stones are an acceptable alternative...Happy Anniversary Stonehenge style Liz & Mike xxx ( My previous one was 24-07-76...but yours has lasted much better! My 31-08-05 version won't go to 40 years maybe but it's a good un xxx

S. J. Qualls said...

It looks like your day is going well. A lovely walk with George and dinner tonight sounds perfect. We don't do the gift thing anymore either, but flowers are always optional. :-)

Liz Hinds said...

Quality not quantity is what matters sometimes, Shirl, and you definitely have quality.

Yes, flowers are nice, SJ. I usually buy some for the lounge but didn't add them to Husband's list so ... my own fault really!