Sunday, June 25, 2017

A new career as a children's entertainer beckons

A new career as a children's entertainer beckons
'Thank you for being the children's entertainer!'
I smiled and shrugged. I hadn't intended to be; it just happened.

We were waiting in the school hall for GrandSon4 after his assembly - incidentally he was excellent even though he'd been so nervous in the morning he'd wanted to stay home from school - and while Daughter talked to other mums I found myself entertaining GrandDaughter2. Then somehow it became GrandDaughter2 plus another little girl I'd never seen before. And there I was twirling them both through the air.

The same sort of thing happens in the library during rhyme time. Little children sit and stare at me. Nuora thinks I attract children; I think they're just amazed by this silly woman who throws herself enthusiastically into all the action songs while their mums sit quietly by. That's the advantage of being a granny: you can be silly.

But it seems GrandSon2 and GrandDaughter1 are starting to grow up and be embarrassed. GrandSon2 demonstrated this by making faces at me when he wasn't keeping well away in the hall while GrandDaughter1 walked ahead - even though her friend who was coming home from tea was quite happy to walk and chat with me.

Having a silly granny is fine when you're on your own but not in front of your friends!

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