Saturday, March 25, 2017

Whoops! Yesterday's post late again

I opened a blank page to write a post yesterday then was called for dinner so went and forgot all about it. 

It was a lovely day yesterday so I went for a walk at Caswell in the morning and along the sea front to West Cross in the afternoon. And around the cliffs I spotted my first violets of the year!

On the sea front I did some shell skimming. I have finally perfected the art: a quick whisht of the wrist and schweeee the shell goes straight to the bottom of the water. It has taken sixty years of practising to achieve such consistency.

And that was it for Friday really. 

Oh yes, I've been reading a book about a woman who is about 26 and who is looking back on the period in her life when her sister vanished. I'd been curious, especially as her brother later disappeared as well, but I was about one third of the way through the book when she said, 'My sister is a chimpanzee.'

When the narrator was born her father had brought home a chimp of the same age so he could study them as they grew up together. I persevered for a while but gave up last night so I'll never know if her brother was a gorilla.

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