Saturday, March 18, 2017

So ... SuperSaturday

Came and went and really shouldn't have bothered.

Italy lost, then Wales lost and then England lost.

Not much more to say except the Wales France game lasted an extraordinary 98 minutes instead of the designated 80 and there was an inevitability about the end result that made you want to say, 'Oh just give them a try and finish this ordeal.'

The good news is that GrandSon4 has tonsillitis. Ordinarily that wouldn't be good news but he's been back and for to the doctor's for several days with changing symptoms and when Younger Son messaged from the hospital this afternoon to say the out-of-hours doctor didn't think it was meningitis but was sending him to the paediatric unit the rugby result became of secondary importance.

So now he has antibiotics and hopefully he'll improve soon. He's been unhappy and, most significantly, off his food so it will be good when we see him eating again.

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