Sunday, March 05, 2017

Our own Bermuda triangle

So today after lunch we head off for Dorset.

Remember my post of a few weeks' back? About the unfairness of life and death? The cousin about whom I wrote then is being buried tomorrow. Fifty years old, the mother of a son with severe learning difficulties, with an ex-husband who left after their son was born, she didn't have an easy life and then was taken from it unexpectedly. Fair?

It will be added to my list of things to question God about. While I don't believe God makes bad things happen to us, he does let them happen, and while he promises to be with us through it all it can still seem pretty sh***y. Thankfully he also doesn't mind when we rant and rave at him.

Then straight after the funeral we'll be setting off again for Nottingham to grab a night's sleep before Uncle's memorial service and interment on Tuesday. Then it's home again and possibly back to some sort of normality.

Although I do have to sort out a minor problem with the funding of the fitness class I am going to organise for vulnerable women. Having been granted the money I then am told that the teacher has to be REPS registered, which she's not. But she's been wonderful putting me in touch with others who could possibly do it. And that would all be fine ,,, if I didn't have to meet the conditions by next Friday or lose the funding.

So it looks as though normal service i.e. running around like a mad thing, will be resumed quickly.

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