Wednesday, March 01, 2017

I used to be a writer

Or at least I used to call myself a writer. I've had articles published in national magazines, short stories included in magazines and anthologies, and I've had non-fiction books published. I've even self-published my own novel. And written another three. But ...

I've lost it. 

No, I refuse to believe I've lost it; I've just mislaid it temporarily.

Life has been so hectic what with one thing and another over the last months that the only writing I've done has been on my blog (intermittent) and for The Bay (twice). And none of that has been fiction. At least not strictly.

So my other Lenten resolve is to write everyday on my blog. It'll probably mostly be ramblings but may occasionally drift into fiction. I may - I will allow myself to - dig out old pieces and reconsider or revamp them, or, if I'm really short of time, post them as they are!

So that's part 2 of my Lenten resolutions. As for part 1 ...
Item No. 1 to go in my charity shop bag. A bit of a cheat as I only bought this butter dish from a charity shop last year for Uncle who already had another one by the time I gave it to him so I brought it home and kept it in the cupboard. Because it's pretty. But the occasions on which I would use a butter dish are ... I can't think of any so it's going.

This, of course, is after I've considered and rejected all the other pieces of useless china and ornamentation that I have in the same cupboard. I've had those longer; it will take longer to get rid of them.

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