Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In which I have a brilliant idea even though I'm poorly

Think life is catching up with me.

My cough and sticky eyes of last week have metamorphosed into very sore throat, headache and swollen glands this. Really what with one thing and another it hasn't been the best of years for us so far - although it's been a lot worse for others.

And Lent begins tomorrow. (Causing my plan of putting uncle's funeral flowers in the church to fail spectacularly.)

I saw a very good idea on facebook. Each day of Lent find something you no longer use or need and put it in a bag to give to a charity shop at Easter. I think it was a Sally Army initiative originally but it would work for any charity. Another Facebook post suggested filling a bag a day and while that's probably what I should do it's a bit extreme.

I'm also setting myself another Lenten challenge. As I've said in previous years I find it easier somehow to stick to a resolution over a set period - or more specifically Lent as it doesn't work if I create my own.

But I'll talk about that in another post. Right now I've had a brilliant idea! Instead of taking the coffin flowers to the church I'll put them on the grave of my mother and grandparents. I think Uncle would approve of that.

P.S. I also discovered that the soluble aspirin I'd been taking were 75 mg each instead of the usual 300 mg. No wonder they didn't seem to be helping.

P.P.S. Also remembered that the deadline for my next The Bay article is 15th March, or roughly two weeks tomorrow. Better get my brain in.

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