Friday, February 12, 2016

George and the birds

Younger Son has been eating a gluten-free diet but I was still surprised when Husband announced that the bird seed he'd bought was wheat-free. It seemed a bit extreme.

Turns out the lack of wheat is supposed to make it less attractive to pigeons. 

It doesn't.
Just about all the birds that visit our front feeder are pigeons.

Except George who strictly speaking isn't a bird but likes to eat peanuts.

Talking of George, the whole expanse of Swansea bay to frolic across and he still manages to home in on the dog treats dropped by another owner.

That was just before he ingratiated himself with an elderly dog owner who told him and his own dogs to sit. George's bottom was on the sand before you could say periwinkle putting the man's dogs to shame and leading to more treats. 

He knows to whom to cosy up.


Leslie: said...

Thanks for the good chuckle! Tegan is the same with food - since the grandkids have been living here, she scrounges under the table for the food they've dropped. I had to resort to putting her in another room as she was sitting under their feet just waiting and their Dad didn't like that. Now I need to vacuum the dining room for 2 reasons: the dropped food + her dropped hair!!! lol

Liz Hinds said...

George just adores the grandchildren for that very reason!

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