Thursday, October 01, 2015

I've hardly mentioned the rugby world cup

A long time ago we entered the draw for tickets for the rugby world cup: we got tickets for Wales v Fiji. At the time we were a bit disappointed not to get a bigger game but following Wales' heroic defeat of England (25-28 at Twickenham) at the weekend this has become THE game to win for Wales.

Grandson1 in England drew a picture after the last game.
Then he thought Grandad would like a picture of the man in white so he drew that on the back.
There are so many permutations that even after today's game - assuming Wales win and it will hard - progress to the quarter finals still won't be assured but we really really need to win today. Then we need Australia to beat England (on Saturday). My resolve to support England when they're not playing Wales will be tested. In fact I don't think I'll be able to watch. 


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Love the drawings ! ( Though , at first glance I thought the Welsh player was an aeroplane )

Graham Hunt said...

I didn't get any England tickets in the draw - probably just as well now! I did get to go see France vs Romania. At which my daughter realised she was the only Brit cheering for the French and singing La Marseillaise! She doesn't "do" history!

So my summary of England - stuttery against Fiji but got the bonus point. Not happy with the performance against Wales a game we "lost". We were 10 points up, gave far too many penalties away and didn't try hard enough to close out. All credit to Wales for fighting for it but frankly it was summed up with that kick into the Welsh 22 where the clearance kick was fluffed - so England attacking line out in Welsh territory. No - Farrell arrives late and doens't pull out of the challenge - not the first time he's been penalised for that in a white jersey. Penalty to Wales, long clearance kick now an attacking Welsh line out. That just summed up how we "lost" that game.

Australia - too much pressure. If we'd have held on and beaten Wales we might have turned up and beaten Australia as it was discipline again not good enough and frankly we were out played. We were "beaten" in that game frankly.

My son's girlfriend - staunchly Welsh - was at our house on Saturday and was still cheering England on - ideally she'd have loved England and Wales through. Given the other home nations always seem to support anyone other than England I'm now aligned behind Australia I think - although I'd love Japan to get to the final for all their endeavour so far.