Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not another holiday post

I've already done, what is it, four or five posts on our holiday and I've only reached day 6 of our 25 days. I'd better keep interspersing it with little gems like this: the day we set off on holiday I received a rejection email.

I suppose if you've got to be rejected pre-holiday is as good a time as any giving you something else to take your mind off constant failure. That was my final attempt out of that bombardment: time to begin again now.

You'd think it would be quite simple but while each agent requires more or less the same thing (up to 3 chapters, a synopsis, a bit about the author) the way they phrase it means you have to adapt your submission a little to suit each time. Hey ho, that's next on my list. Well, perhaps after make cup of tea and sample date flapjacks.

Speaking of food I must tell you I am on a diet (yes, again). Post holiday I knew it would be bad and just how bad made me determined. In a week I've lost one and half pounds, which isn't as much as I was hoping for but better than nothing. Or putting more on.

Also looking back to pre-holiday posts I have to report that Uncle is still in hospital. There is nothing more they can do for him i.e. he's not going to get any more mobile, so he can be discharged as soon as he has a suitable place to stay. He's decided, following advice from the occupational therapist who went to see his house, to sell it and buy an apartment in a retirement village. There's also a nursing home on the site so he can buy in a package of care as well and it seems the village has quite a community spirit so we hope he'll be happy there. He is very sad about selling his sea-front cottage but resigned to it.

His cleaner has already done some packing for him: she particularly requested to be allowed to pack up the alcohol and she informed him, 'You know you have four bottles of pastis, don't you?' Not to mention several bottles of champagne. 

Husband meanwhile is investigating wheelchairs. The internet is a wonderful thing for research: he will soon be Mobility Man!

So life was busy before we went on holiday and it doesn't look like getting any easier now we're back!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Liz, Judging by your photo on the "Beach" you don't need to diet , it is a fab photo. I am loving your posts of your hols, just trying to catch up as I have been away working for the weekend. I was helping at my friends B and B, so the few hours I had was SLEEP.

Sorry to hear about your uncle ,but He is making a sensible decision. Seems like a great place to go and live, especially with nursing home on the site too. Sad about his cottage being sea-front , but it will be good for him and not on his own totally. He can crack open a bottle of Champagne or two on his arrival :-) God bless him xx

Liz Hinds said...

I'm sure we will crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, Anne!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Oh , poor uncle ... such an upheaval. But he'll find some like-minded friends quickly and be a lot less lonely .