Sunday, August 09, 2015

Swoll or swelled?

I haven't posted for ages because once again life has got in the way.

First I should mention that Operation Bombard, whereby I am sending three different manuscripts off to different agents, is resulting in lots of rejections and a quick turn-round. What is the magic number I wonder. How many rejections do I receive before I go down the self-publishing route again?

One of the main advantages of finding an agent - and then with more luck a publisher - is that my book will get into shops nationwide and will receive some promotion at least. But that is an almost minor benefit compared to the fact that it means someone somewhere has thought my writing good enough to take a chance on it. Having someone else believe in you to that extent - and it does need total belief as they all say when they write back, that it isn't necessarily that the author can't write but simply that the agent receives hundreds of submissions and has to go only with the ones that really entrance her (or him) - would make such a difference.

But hey ho. Apart from submission queries I've hardly written anything at all for weeks. And I miss it. It is part of me and not having a writing project, or even an idea, on the go, means I am missing something. 

Something as well as time that is. 

Uncle is still in hospital and will be for many more weeks I suspect. But his appetite has returned and he's in good spirits. 

A friend is in the same hospital so I'm able to pop in and see her too. At least I try. On Friday I called in before going to see Uncle: she'd gone for a smoke. I visited Uncle and went back: this time she'd gone to radiotherapy. Yesterday each time I tried she was asleep and as I know she's feeling rotten I didn't want to wake her. Today again I tried twice. The second time she opened her eyes, looked at me and promptly went straight back to sleep. I have that effect on people.

GrandSon2 also had an overnight stay in hospital after developing breathing problems. They think it was a virus and he seems to be getting better now. And, finally on this theme, I feared a trip to A&E might be coming up yesterday after Husband was stung on the lip by a wasp who was learning to swim in his beer. Although his lip and then face swelled up and he was both numb and in pain it wasn't too bad.  No, honestly, I did try to be a good nurse and offered him a cold compress (ice cubes in a plastic bag) after googling what to do but he said it was a waste of time so I gave up and let him suffer. I tried to take photos but they don't capture the full effect.

Now I'm sure there's lots more much more interesting news but I can't think of it. 

Incidentally is the Labour leadership campaign going on for ever? Or is there an end in sight?

And incidentally again, is there such a word as swoll? I was going to write 'his lip swoll up,' but that didn't look right. But I'm sure people say that. Or am I just tired?


Ole Phat Stu said...

There is no such verb as swoll.

nick said...

It must be so disheartening getting rejection after rejection. I'm impressed you have the determination to keep on submitting stuff despite the endless brush-offs (brushes-off?). There must be someone out there who's going to be captivated from page one....

The new Labour leader will be announced on September 12, a fortnight before the party conference. Like you, I'm getting profoundly bored by it all. Except for the amazing Corbyn surge, that is (he was my MP in Islington North at one time).

Liz Hinds said...

But there should be, stu.

You'd think so, nick, but they all stress how many they receive etc

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Liz , oh bless , you seem to be having your fill of hospitals , Great to read that your uncle's appetite is returning, that is good sign . Hope your friend is alright. Glad to read grandson is on the road to recovery too.

Just keep going , I am sure you are not a quitter.:-)

Swoll , no doesn't sound right at all .. x

Liz Hinds said...

Thanks, Anne.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I know what you mean .
"It swole" seems to be a more dramatic version of " it swelled " ... and would probably sound even better with a Welsh accent .
I find some things still can only be expressed just the way I would have overheard them as a child in Glasgow , even if I couldn't really write them down for you . Before you learn to read , you just absorb language as chunks of sound and break it up and examine each bit later.

Glad to hear that everyone's feeling a bit better !