Monday, March 02, 2015

I was going to clean today ...

but then the sun shone. So off we set.

Our walk began in Oxwich car park heading off towards Sy. Illtyd's Church. Originally the site of a 6th century monastic cell the nave and tower date from the 12th century. 
I love old churchyards but they are sad places when you notice the high rate of infant mortality, often in the same family. This was an interesting one though:
Ashes of Lieutenant Edna Maria Morgan W.R.A.C., citizen, stationer and newspaper maker, City of London. There's a Welsh inscription at the bottom so I guess she had Welsh connections of some sort.

We decided we'd do a circular walk out to Oxwich Point, starting with a climb up the hillside - 278 steps. I know because I counted. Then it was out into the open fields and a flat path over the headland pausing only long enough for Husband to help me up onto the trig point. I originally intended to stand up there but chickened out: it was pretty windy!
And then down a gradual slope onto the coastal path that leads (after about 4 miles) to Port Eynon.
Now you'd think, wouldn't you, that the coastal path would take us back around the bottom of the cliffs to Oxwich? Like this: 
(Not to scale I should point out in case you are misled by my exceptional mapping skills.)

But no. This is Wales after all. Land of valleys and therefore hills.

The coastal path veered away from the coast and straight back up the hill. As we were passing the trig point again Husband said encouragingly, 'Oh well, at least it will all be downhill from here.' He paused. 'Unless we have to go up again.'

It was worth it though.

Whether I'll think that when I'm struggling in circuit training tonight is another thing. My thighs were aching yesterday after I'd spent some time crawling around a soft play centre the day before so I dread to imagine how I'll feel later.


Grannymar said...

That blue sky and the views look very inviting.

Robyn Lee said...

The 278 steps wouldn't impress me, but the views are beautiful. Did you go to circuit training after that?

Katney said...

After that hike I don't think you needed circuit training.

Liz Hinds said...

They were, grannymar.

Yes, we did, Robyn. It was week one of a new circuit and is usually a bit easier as he has to explain it all to us: it was the hardest week 1 ever!

Katney, this morning I am definitely thinking I didn't need it!

Rose said...

I think you made the right choice:) What a beautiful area to walk! I would have definitely passed on circuit training after this.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Definitely well worth the aching muscles !

nick said...

What a stunning view. Well worth trudging up and down all those steps, I'm sure. And at least the path led you back somewhere and didn't just peter out in the middle of nowhere!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wow what a beautiful and amazing walk this must have been :)