Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Buttons and bags and baby dresses

The village of Mumbles has always been a bit posh but latterly the 'top shops'* have become very stylish and it seems now that other parts of Mumbles are getting in on the act.

Chapel Street, until recently famous only for Johnnie's chip shop - my local where as children my friend and I would go for six-pennorth of chips please - has joined the trend. We now have a barber's and upcycled shop (in one unit), buying and selling items from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, and a pre-loved clothes for children shop. It's amazing how desirable second-hand goods can become with a positive spin.

I spotted two lovely baby dresses in the window of Buttons and enquired as to the price. 
'£22.50 each. As new they both cost £90.'
'Okay, thank you. Perhaps not today.'

(I did end up buying another dress for £10 and it is very lovely.)

I had the idea first though, of opening a shop selling only second-hand baby and children goods. The difference between my shop and the one I visited today is that mine would be a charity shop with low prices and the freedom to give clothes away if necessary. I still hang on to that dream but I've noticed even charity shops are getting expensive these days.

I called into one today. An elderly lady was asking the price of a handbag in the window. She was told, 'It's £75. It's a designer brand and still has the original label saying £105.'

She didn't buy it.

*The top shops are at the top of the main shopping street, up a hill, which incidentally is much steeper than you'd think.


Susie Fruitcake said...

I spotted a little tea set in one of the charity shops today. Great colours and big bold flowers. Very me but out of my price range. :/

Liz Hinds said...

I often see pretty china and have to tell myself: you don't need it and where would you put it? I'm supposed to be decluttering ...