Thursday, January 15, 2015

Maybe it was me who was hit with a saucepan

You'll be pleased to hear - although that is making rather an assumption that you care so I'll rephrase it - I am delighted to say that I have my mojo back. Very nearly fully. So my week has been more like normal. Normal for me that is.

Helping in the night shelter at Zac's. Dinner was a relaxed affair so guests chose to eat their pudding sitting on their air beds. Avril invited me to join in so I sat down - here you must remember that Avril is only a tiny dwt - and she and her strudel took off and flew into the air.

In Zac's one of the homeless men kept asking me where he knew me from. I said, 'Here? Zac's?'
'No,' he shook his head. 'Somewhere else.'
'Um ... prison?' I asked tentatively.
'That's it!' He was delighted to have fixed me in his head. 'You were with the chaplain when I got hit on the head with a saucepan, remember? Do you remember? You do remember, don't you?'
'Er, yes.' (No, but he did apparently.)

I'd arranged, via the internet, to pick up a buggy for a needy mum from a man living on the far side of Gowerton (about 5 miles). As I didn't know this man I asked Husband to drive me. We got as far as this side of Gowerton before I remembered that he said he'd be out on Wednesday. 
Husband was surprisingly relaxed about our unnecessary journey - and he's taking me again tonight.

Half a tin of beans left in the fridge so I had beans on toast for lunch. Bad weather deterred me from shopping so planned on having eggs on toast for dinner. Discovered I'd run out of eggs so I had ... yes, you've guessed it, beans on toast for dinner.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Excellent ... a varied diet is always to be recommended .

nick said...

Oh, surely nothing as prosaic as beans on toast. In a fancy restaurant that would be haricot beans in a spicy tomato sauce on a sliver of crispy gluten-free organic bread. Just £4.50 a portion.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

So if you had the beans , what did hubby have ? You only had half a tin to start with ..:-) x

Yes of course we understand Liz, What is normal to you haha
Happy to read you have your mojo back.. :-) x

Liz Hinds said...

I think so, sonata.

With a light sprinkling of cave matured cheddar, nick.

Thanks, Anne. We used one and a half tins altogether!

Katney said...

Those who recognize me are not from prison but rather from first grade. They were six years old when I knew them fifteen to twenty years ago. They can't always understand why I don't recognize them. I truly believe they have changed considerably more than I have in that time.

Although there is one whom I saw and knew immediately because he looked exactly like he did when he was six just much taller. He didn't recognize me.