Friday, January 16, 2015

Cold callers

Don't you just hate the new trick being employed by cold callers, that of trying to fool you into thinking you're in a relationship with them?
'Hi, Mrs Hinds, this is Tracey from Smeary Windows. And how are you today?'
Being a naturally polite person you immediately respond, 'Oh, I'm fine, thank you,' and before you know where you are you've arranged for their man who happens to be in your area to come and measure you up for a conservatory, porch and retreat/shed at the end of the garden for you to do your writing in.

But really before they call me they should learn how to say my name. It's not Hin as in pin but Hin as in pine.

And yes we are on the Telephone Preference Service but it doesn't seem to make much difference.

We had a very persistent one yesterday. The phone rang, Husband answered, listened and very quickly said, 'Not interested, thank you,' and put the phone down. Seconds later it rang again. This time I picked it up.
'Why did you put the phone down on me?' The poor man actually sounded surprised and a little hurt.
I explained that we weren't interested.
'But you were involved in a car accident.'
'Er no.'
'Are you sure? You might not have been in the car.'
'I don't remember.' (I did but wasn't going to encourage him. Not that he needed encouraging ...)
'An accident involving a third party that wasn't your fault? You don't remember it?'
I think by now he was convinced I'd suffered brain damage and memory loss as a result of the accident where I wasn't in the car.
'No, really, we're not interested.'
Then I put the phone down.

Seconds later it rang again. Husband's turn.
Man then went on to try and persuade Husband that even though the insurance had paid for the repairs to the car we were entitled to and should be claiming huge damages. Poor man just couldn't believe that anyone would give up the chance of litigation and possibly monies coming our way.

He finally gave up. But it is a sad indictment of society that so many people jump at any chance of something for nothing.

P.S. When writing this I couldn't remember the name of the Telephone Preference Service nor indictment and had to go and ask Husband what the word was I was looking for. Dictionaries are no use in that situation so it's a good job I have Husband.


Rose said...

We have caller i.d., and it's been worth every penny--if we don't recognize the caller, we don't answer. But I am amazed at how persistent some of these people are. We often get phone calls from the same company three times a day, even though we never answer them.

Liz Hinds said...

I can never decide whether to answer - so at least it costs them money! - or ignore it.

When the number shows up as Withheld I have to answer because my uncle always withholds his number!

nick said...

He rang you three times? Persistent little bugger! Like Husband, I tend to say "I'm not interested" the moment I realise it's a cold call. If it's a foreign accent, I don't even bother to speak, I just put the phone down. I also hate the way they try to be matey to draw you in.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I am surprised they phoned back. I had that sort of call the other day .. I never engage in conversation with them ..I let them talk for a few seconds and if it is the same one to do with cars and accidents I just hang up.. !!

Liz Hinds said...

I usually just say, 'No thank you,' Nick, and I was surprised Husband talked and listened for so long. He usually gets quite stroppy!

they're very annoying, Anne, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Nobody can say my last name including those who know me.

Grannymar said...

My number is withheld and I am on the Telephone Preference Service, so no cold callers bother me on the landline. The 'accident I never had' calls come as texts to my mobile, but I just ignore and delete them.