Thursday, August 21, 2014

'You're not really going out like that, are you?'

And I'd just spent ages showering and getting ready.

But, glancing down at my falling-apart walking boots and Eric Morecambe shorts, I had to admit Husband had a point. I still went out like it.

Inspired by the BBC programme Countryfile that featured it recently, we were going to the north west corner of Gower, a part with which I am unfamiliar. I've stayed at St. Madoc camp and explored that side but had never ventured around Whiteford Point so that was our planned destination.

It's off the usual tourist map and the only parking is a farmer's field with an honesty box. (Apparently it was broken into recently and was ripe for breaking into again as it was ram-jammed full of coins.) Our walk took us along the beach,
 through the dunes, 
across the marsh, 

and into the woods,

 carefully avoiding potential unexploded bombs.

Who am I trying to kid? Of course we didn't avoid it; we went out of our way to inspect this round metal object. I didn't go so far as to kick it though. Just in case.

Whiteford Point is home to the last remaining iron lighthouse in Europe.
And the marsh is home to a herd of Welsh mountain ponies.

After three hours walking we felt we deserved a piece of cake and a cup of tea on our way home so we stopped at Siop y Bobl (literally shop of the people - community shop run by volunteers). You just know the cake is going to be good when you see a white-haired and slightly trembly granny figure in a pinny clearing tables. And it was. Carrot cake for Husband and rhubarb and custard cake for me.

Having enjoyed a good day out we once again resolved to spend more time enjoying ourselves in future!

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