Thursday, August 21, 2014

Party, party, party

So that was Friday. Saturday we were off again, this time to Rhoose Point near Cardiff for a family barbecue.
I used to think my cousin Jim (in lilac shirt) was tall at 6'3" but he's small next to his son, Corin (back left as you look at it) who's 6'9".

We had a lovely time catching up with family - and ate too much but still the fun wasn't over. On Sunday we'd been invited to Andrew and Carol's for a party lunch to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. (They're actually going to New England as a celebration but they couldn't let the day pass without a get-together.) Again we ate too much.
And as if that wasn't enough Monday saw us off again! To the dentist. Where I discovered/remembered that our appointment had been cancelled and that I'd actually made another one for September but had forgotten to delete this one from the calendar. The girl was most apologetic assuming I hadn't received the letter but I assured her it was my fault. And, as Husband said as we left, 'It's always nice not to have to go to the dentist.'

Then the fun really did stop and it's been a busy cleaning week for me: the children are down for the weekend and with the last few hectic weeks I'd got behind with things. (Again who am I trying to kid? Who's going to believe that I regularly do the cleaning?)

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