Saturday, August 02, 2014

Old blogging chums

 While Husband was going through old photos I came across a picture from our 2008 holiday in Canada.
First meeting with Leslie now Evans and Joan Bree in Vancouver, 2008.
The year before I'd met up with Shirley Davis and Pat Eggleton in Shirl's house in Britstol

In 2010 Katney (Kathy Sharman) and her husband came to visit us.
In 2012 Leslie made the trip over here.
And this year Shirl finally made it to us too!


Leslie: said...

It was so wonderful meeting you here in Canada, Liz, and I wished I could have spent longer at Bridges. If you recall, I had to rush home as I was tutoring at 3pm. But we did have a great time at Rhossili and then stopping by again so you could meet Lorne. I have every intention of returning to the UK some day - hopefully soon and perhaps we can meet up again.

Shirley Davis said...

Having you & Pat over that day was so easy for me - you bought the lunch with you, didn't you? So the return visit is on me both of you.

Verdi's was good earlier in the year, Liz. Good to meet Mike too.

So that leaves Leslie - we will manage it one day!

katney said...

It was most delightful visiting with you and with other blogger buddies on our UK trip. We live so close to Leslie that one day we will have to visit her, too.

James Higham said...

Oh my goodness - I recognize a couple of those.

Liz Hinds said...

I'm expecting you to stay with us next time, Leslie!

Of course we met much earlier than that too, Shirl, didn't we?

It was lovely to have you both, Katney.

So you should, James.

Shirley Davis said...

When you stay at Chez Hinds, Leslie, I'll ask my chauffeur to drove me over so we girls can Do Lunch. M & P can join us if they like!

Yes, Liz, we met many years before the 2007 Lunch, but only because you kindly drove to Swindon a few times and, a name change later (mine), to Brizzle. Has M started on the accessible Ladies Wot Lunch ramp/extension/venue or will we be availing ourselves of the wonderful Verdis?

Meanwhile you are always welcome to B&B here. Excellent nil deposit and nil payments - for life!

Shirley Davis said...

'drive me over' not 'drove' as in livestock herding...

Leslie: said...

Can Lorne come, too, Liz? lol I want to come over again next year, but Lorne has an idea we should do a Maritime tour, perhaps start in New York city and cruise up to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and down the St. Lawrence Seaway to Quebec City. He'd like to do it in the fall to see all the colour. I wish we had enough $$$ to do both the Maritimes & the UK.

Liz Hinds said...

Afraid he hasn't started on the ramp yet, Shirl!

Of course lorne must come, leslie! The maritime tour does sound fab though.

Shirley Davis said...

I think Lorne's rather romantic tour wins has down, Leslie! We'll all still be blogging away until the UK trip is funded. And your holiday photos will be something else!.We'll all share their colourful glory online. Shirl x

PS I do know this is YOUR blog, Liz - feel free to disagree xx

Shirley Davis said...

Wow Liz. Synchronised blogging! Two minds but one thought etc xx