Saturday, August 02, 2014

Chased by cows

I was trying to get a photo of the calf feeding from its mum but another young calf decided to photobomb my shot!
I hung around for a while hoping to get another opportunity but then Mum began to look at me warily so I retreated bearing in mind the report from the BBC website that Husband recently relayed to me. Are you aware that in the years 2008-2011, 221 people were injured by cows and 6 killed?

It gives some justification to Daughter's adoption of panic mode whenever we have to cross a field with cows. In fact I was chased by a cow once. I say chased but it may have been coincidence that it was running towards me. But from where I was standing it was scary enough to warrant hiding behind a tree anyway.


Leslie: said...

I had no idea they could be that dangerous!

Anna said...

chased twice I was! how many times do I have to tell you. cows get an evil look in their eyes, especially the mamas.

Shirley Davis said...

Hi Anna! Waves to Lesley too.

You know, Liz, Pete calls cows 'girls'. I found this out when we went to France and stayed in a gite in a field of sheep. They weren't too bothered about us.

Over the way, was a gate behind which the 'girls' used to stand and watch as we went through the sheep-gate opening and closing ritual just to get out of the gite's grounds. They seemed quite harmless but you never can tell with animals. Especially non-English speaking ones.

Shirley Davis said...

Sorry Leslie ... not nice when your name is mispelled - love Sherly

katney said...

Our neighbors usually have a cow. At one time the pasture was shared by a cow, a horse and foal, and, of course, the chickens. Once we came home and the horses were not in residence. The cow ran from the far corner to greet us, crying out all the way. I think she was lonely.