Thursday, July 31, 2014

We're alcohol free but you couldn't tell it from the way I ramble

Zac's was peaceful and calm this week. Mostly. It threatened to go off the rails early on but Steve rescued us that time.

Then later on one of our regulars came in carrying an open can of lager. Now Zac's bible study is an alcohol free zone and I was leading the evening so it was going to fall me to do something about it. A discussion was in progress so while that went on I fretted and panicked about how I was going to remind our friend about the no-alcohol rule. Silence fell and ... his mate said, 'You can't bring that in here; come on, I'll come outside with you.'

I could have hugged him.

I've noticed that when I lead bible study it always seems to be me who's being encouraged at the end by people who feel sorry for me. I tend to start sentences not really knowing where they're going and end up in a muddle or admitting to things a good leader probably shouldn't admit too. Hence the 'never mind, dear' pats on the shoulder that always seem to follow.

One of the guys is always saying I should be the first woman bishop (yes, I know, bless him) and he said this to one of the others who thought about it long and hard and then said solemnly, 'I don't think so. Not with some of the things she says.'

Probably the least of the things between me and bishoprics. 

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Leslie: said...

You know, NO ONE has all the answers, but we ALL have questions. So, there there dear!