Thursday, July 31, 2014

George and Radio 4

Right, I've made a list of the blog posts I've been meaning to do for the last week so I'll try and catch up now before The Honourable Woman/Lady (can't remember exact title) (obviously) (and if I go to check I'll be distracted and never get these posts done) (which would, of course, be a desperate tragedy).

Not one of the aforementioned posts but I must mention George. Sometimes I throw a stick in the river for him and he looks at me and I can sense every fibre of his being is saying, 'Do I really have to?'
'Yes, you lazy lump. Go and fetch it.'
He sighs and and enters the water dramatically making sure I know this is against his better judgement.
Then he comes out and shakes all over me before tossing his head and marching off.

On a different note I tuned in to radio 4 lunchtime news when I was in the car yesterday. I used to be a regular listener to The World at One or the later show at 5.00 pm but haven't heard either for some time. And I don't watch the news but pick up what's happening in the world by osmosis - and Facebook. A few things about yesterday's broadcast struck me.

Quoting Usain Bolt the news announcer said the word 's**t'. At 1.10 in the afternoon. Even Facebook had bleeped/starred it out. Standards are dropping. Much like the 'explosive projectiles' being used in Gaza. Explosive projectile? You mean a rocket?

And, incidentally Mr Israeli spokesman, there is no such thing as a humanitarian 4 hour ceasefire. The moment you put a deadline on a ceasefire it stops being humanitarian.


nick said...

I wouldn't have thought s**t was a particularly outrageous word these days. It's been common parlance at least since I was in my twenties. Some people lead absurdly sheltered lives.

And no doubt the Israeli government would rather have no public mention of G**a.

Liz Hinds said...

I haven't heard it on the news before on radio 4, Nick.

Leslie: said...

That was the ONLY curse word I ever heard my mother utter. Re George - he certainly wouldn't win any swimming race with Tegan...she starts barking as soon as we get to the beach, 'cuz we're too slow throwing the stick.