Sunday, April 20, 2014

Photo round-up of my life

Okay, I've been quiet on the blogging front for the last week or so because Daughter and family came to visit and then real life just took over. So a brief photographic summary.

No visit to Granny's is complete without a trip to Verdi's. Granny says so.

Just before they were going out for the day GrandDaughter - in her best frock so very carefully - helped me make the cake for Zac's.

Once they'd left life returned to more or less normal and George and I had some lovely dog walks although George did miss Holly.

The wild bluebells are not in full bloom yet but lovely nevertheless.
Today, Easter Sunday, I was up at 5.45 am and it wasn't even George's fault. Christians from different churches across the city gather on the beach for a sunrise celebration and afterwards they're invited them back to Zac's for bacon butties and croissants. 

I set the alarm thinking it would give me time for breakfast and a shower. It wasn't until I had my dressing gown on and was about to go downstairs that I realised I'd be cooking - and having - breakfast in Zac's. So I could have stayed in bed for an extra ... ooh, 15 minutes. Not that it would have helped much: I woke at regular intervals in the night thinking, ' I have to get up soon; is it time yet?'

About 70 people came back for breakfast so we were very grateful for the donation of warm freshly-baked croissants from our local Tesco.

And this morning we saw both a heron 

and the Easter bunny. Or possibly the Easter squirrel.

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Trubes said...

Interesting writing Liz, I've never been 'saved' as I don't feel the need to be thus, as I'm confirmed into the Anglican Communion.
I say my prayers every night and go to church when I can or join in Songs of Praise every Sunday so, do I need to be saved?
Lovely pictures of the grandchildren really growing up, such joy they bring.
Happy Easter again,
Love Di..xxxx