Saturday, April 19, 2014

George is not popular

It's 7.15 am and George is whining. I pretend to be asleep in the hope that Husband will respond.
7.20 am, the whining increases in level and Husband is still apparently asleep.
7.25 am, I turn over and go to get out of bed.
Husband mutters, 'I'm ignoring him.'
'You can't do that; he needs to go out.'
'No he doesn't; he wants his breakfast.'
'No, he wants a poo.'
'He can wait.'
He's desperate!'

I get up and go downstairs to let George out. He rolls over when he sees me coming so I can tickle his belly. Mid tickle I say, 'Hey, I thought you were desperate to go out.'
'Oh yes.' He stands and goes to the door. I open it and he bounds into the garden and begins to bark at a passing stranger. I shout at him and he wanders around until he finds the perfect spot for pooing.

I make tea but refuse to give him his breakfast. 'You can wait,' I tell him and go back to bed.

At 8.15 am when he starts to whine again I shout, 'Shut up, George!'

As I'm up early (for me) I decide to hit Sainsburys before the crowds. Unfortunately everyone else has the same idea. You would not believe how many people are in Sainsburys at 10.00 am on a Saturday morning. Don't these people have beds?


Suburbia said...

My mums goldie does the same thing!

How's your MOJO?

Leslie: said...

You're lucky you get to sleep until 7:15! Tegan starts making little yippy noises at 6:15 and sometimes Lorne gets up and sometimes I get up. But when I have students to tutor from 3:30 until 6:30 it's pretty hard not to fall asleep around 2:30 or 3pm! Ah well, maybe once we go back to standard time, she'll let us sleep until 7:15 or even, if we're lucky 8:00 am! I feel your pain, Liz! lol

Liz Hinds said...

Back, thanks, Sub!

Oh no! Well, she's still quite young, leslie - although I don't know how long that excuse will wash for!