Friday, April 04, 2014

Another day, another rejection

Two in one week is pretty good going even for me though.

When I go to the library or bookshop I am encouraged to see so many published books especially when many are only as good as or worse than my novels. I am equally discouraged for exactly the same reasons. 

You think that if you're good enough you'll be recognised one day but do I really believe that? If I do does it mean that I'm not good enough? If I don't, why do I keep on trying? 

I'm sure that, just as there are hundreds of wonderful singers who sing out their hearts in local amateur productions, and hundreds of skilled artists who tout their wares in local craft shops, there are hundreds of very good writers who will never be professionally recognised and published just because.

Tomorrow I'll try again.


Shirley Davis said...

And try again you must, Liz. Publishing is big business nowadays - take a look at Choc Lit, if appropriate - or are you seeking an agent? We'll chat next week!

Liz Hinds said...

I've never heard of Choc Lit and have just investigated. Sadly it says the hero must be irresistible and my novels don't really have that.
I'm going through the agents at the moment. Depressing stuff! Why do we do it I wonder?!

Leslie: said...

You have a good outlook on the entire process - just keep working at it. Maybe one day you'll strike it rich and become another Lynda La Plante (although I know your stories aren't mysteries) or even an Alice Munro (Canadian woman who just won the Nobel Prize for Literature at the age of 80+)

Liz Hinds said...

My latest is a mystery, Leslie. Well, not really but sort of.