Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Not a cheerful post

I knew my weight had been creeping up but when I got on the scales this morning I leapt off again squealing. So it's time to take this seriously.

I'm setting myself the challenge of losing a pound a week for the next 8 weeks. That's doable, isn't it? If I give up bread and cheese, chocolate and cake. Oh let's just give up living.

No, I am going to look on this as a challenge, like people who climb Mount Everest for fun. I'm going to be positive and excited and happy about the change I will see in myself. Yes, yes, I will.

Of course I've also committed to writing 50,000 words during November. So I will be hungry, miserable and stressed. 

No, no, this is going to be fun. I can do this. Think how happy I'll be at the end. Positive thoughts. I can talk myself into this. I can. I can. Like the little train going up the hill, I think I can, I think I can.

But first allow me some time to curl up into a small ball and whinge pathetically about how I didn't think I'd eaten that much AND I thought I was getting more exercise AND how come it's so much easier to put on weight than to lose it?

Oh plifille plhopple.


MaryB said...

I salute your NaNo writing commitment. I'm sure wonderful things will come out of it. As to the weight - pfft. A pound a week? You can do that. Best of luck on both endeavors!

sally in norfolk said...

Get a fitbit wwwfitbit.com :-)

Rose said...

Good luck on all these projects, Liz. Maybe being a starving artist will make the writing even easier:)

Annie said...

It's not a mountain, it's a wee mole hill! With writing and working it will be easy to lose weight!

Liz said...

Thanks for your encouragement all!

Ole Phat Stu said...

"Do or Do not. There is no try."
-- Yoda

Furtheron said...

Good luck Liz... you could take my approach btw... just stop getting on the scales ;-)

I've made my blogworld confusing - I have another blog now http:\\guitarsandlife.wordpress.com where I blog more about the "life" aspect of the title whilst my old one at Blogger is more about the guitar part.

Liz said...

thank you, Yoda.

The new one sounds more like my sort of blog, Furtheron!

CalumCarr said...

How about 50lb? That's my target!

Will I manage 8lb? Prob not.

Gledwood said...

50,000 words in a month, that is quite a lot Liz. I only write about 1000-1500 a day... hang on a sec that IS up to 46,500 a month! No I'm more 30,000 a month, but that's a full-length children's book in 1st draft.
Liz can I ask you a serious question: why did you decide to self-publish? You didn't approach any literary agents first... did you?
Hey you never know you might be the next EL James. She put hers on some kind of ebook forum and the publishers picked it up from there and now they say 50 Shades et al have done 70,000,000 copies!!!!!
O yeah and as for being fat, I bet you don't weigh as much as me. I'm 196 pounds!!! That's FOURTEEN STONE!! 89 kilos!
I've seen you on youtube... ok that was some time ago but unless you've suddenly got severe hormonal problems I CANNOT IMAGINE YOU being heavier than me!!!!!
PS yes an lb a week is very doable indeed. I'm so tubby because I've been eating ice lollies every day. (Long story, but I use them to inspire me to write great literature!!! (Absolutely true!))

Neil said...

Come on then, Calum, let's both go for 8!

Gledwood, I'll reply on your blog - too many questions!

Liz said...

Whoops that was me not Neil!

Suburbia said...

Give in to middle age spread is definitely the answer!