Monday, September 16, 2013

I make up in enthusiasm what I lack in knowledge

'Look, a bunny! ... although it has very long ears:  it could be a hare. ... Wait, it may be a pheasant!'
Husband, 'It's a bantam.'
'Oh. That's a bit like a pheasant, right?'

In that it's at least a bird and not a bunny.

Having turned right at Plwmp we found our lovely little holiday cottage down the end of a very long lane with hardly any misturnings and the only real one happening because I missed out one of three instructions that said 'turn left to Llangrannog.' (Surely we were going in a big circle?)

We wanted peace and we've found it here. We're just up the road i.e. a 35 minute walk, from the cove at Cwmtydu, famous for its connection with the smuggler Sion Quilt, and a place where you can join the Ceredigion Coast path. (I got it wrong: we're not in Pembroke but the next one up.)

But today, after a rainy visit yesterday to Poppit, we set off from Llangrannog to walk to Penybryn around said coast path. Undeterred by the battering of the wind - blowing onshore thankfully - we'd managed about a mile (maybe) when, scrambling down some steps my foot slipped off the side (into the bushes not over the edge you'll be pleased to hear - although if it had I wouldn't be writing this) and twisted.

St Carannog was keeping watch in the wrong direction when I fell over
Like a brave little solider I continued on for maybe another half mile (Husband will laugh I'm sure when he notes my generous distances but it felt that far) before the reality that however far I managed to walk I'd have to walk back again made me stop and say, 'Perhaps it would be better to return now and save myself for another day.'

At Llangrannog I managed to struggle as far as the cafe for my second cream tea of the holiday and then Husband suggested that I should paddle. 'Rugby players have ice baths to fight strains.'

By the time we got back to the cottage, in spite of the blackberry and apple crumble ice cream I managed to force down before setting off - I needed it after the paddle - my foot was screaming. So I've spent the rest of a perfectly sunny and lovely afternoon stretched out on the sofa with my foot up. I just hope the rest will have done the trick and I'll be able to walk again tomorrow. 

Internet access here is fairly slow - okay very slow - so I won't put up too many photos till we get home.

I'm just waiting for Husband to cook my steak for me now ...


Robyn Lee said...

The Welsh names flummox me...I can imagine how they're pronounced, especially the ones with no vowels!

Have you strapped your foot, Liz? That does help with pain. It may pa to get the ankle checked out if it's no better after staying off for a bit. Good luck with it all.

Leslie: said...

You certainly had a day of it! Hopefully, the cold water helped and now you should put heat on it and keep it up. Steak sounds good - if it doesn't taste good, try slapping it on your ankle! lol

katney said...

W is a vowel in Welsh, isn't it? So they really do have vowels in them, just not so's we would be able to pronounce. But them, I guess once again that it is simple if you know the code.

Rose said...

Hope your ankle is doing better by now, Liz. If I ever travel in Wales, I hope I don't get lost--I'd never be able to pronouce the name of the place I wanted to go to!

Liz said...

Me too, robyn!

I think the cold did help, leslie.

I don't know the code though, katney, a shocking thing for a proud Welshwoman to admit!

You just have to splutter a lot, rose!