Tuesday, July 09, 2013

What a weekend!

And it all started with a big decision.

We spent the weekend in Surrey visiting Elder Son, Daughter-in-law and GrandSon1 and on Saturday morning I had the choice of going to the pub with Elder Son and Husband to watch the final Lions test or staying home and playing with GrandSon1. Now you know what a rugby fan I am but there was never going to be any other answer but 'let's play!'

And the two men in the family came home delighted with the victory so everyone was happy. 

Sunday morning we adjourned to the park down the road for some more fun. The park borders the Thames, which was busy with all sorts of craft including this very long barge.

We drove home in the afternoon - while apparently some Scot was winning Wimbledon - to find the temperature in the courtyard was quite high, which boded well for the baptisms we'd hurried back for.

Laura, Julie and Andy were baptised in the sea on the hottest day of the year so far. Cor, it could have been Ibiza!
I was privileged to be involved in the first two baptisms while Martin, whose association with Andy goes back a long way, helped Sean with Andy's.
Laura (and son)
It was a little bit worrying that the lifeboat turned up just as we were about to begin!
Before going in the water Sean shared a few words about the significance of baptism.

Afterwards Sean and Martin decided they might as well go in for a swim. I said, 'What? In that murky water?'
'Oh,' Sean said, 'and this from the woman who was just boasting about growing up swimming in Swansea Bay!'
So I felt obliged. And it was surprisingly pleasant - as long as you didn't look too closely at what was in the water. No, really, that's unfair. The water quality isn't too bad, certainly better than when I swam in it as a child, just before all the notices went up warning people not to eat cockles from the bay because of metal poisoning (from all the industry that flourished for a long time in Swansea Valley - and discharged its waste down the river Tawe into the bay). 

And afterwards we had a yummy barbecue with some serious burgers and sausages courtesy of visiting God Squadders, Dog and Jason. Thanks, guys.


CommonWeeder said...

After the garden, the place I most like to be is near the water. Swimming! Boating! Breezes.

Liz said...

Wonderful, commonweeder, can't beat it.