Monday, July 29, 2013

Scones, penguins and procrastination

I was treated to rather lovely jam scones in work today by the equally lovely Elin Barham (except she wasn't crispy at the bottom). Which was just as well as I couldn't find the biscuit barrel.

Work goes quiet at this time of year so i began a major spring clean. It's what I do best: throwing things away. At least I could get into work today unlike last Monday when I was locked out and had to break in through the back door and set off the alarm.

With a party for 5-year-olds going on downstairs, it was a good job Elin was there to educate me on current pop singers. I am so out of touch, however, I am acquiring incredible technical skills. How's this for a penguin:


Ah, okay, so that didn't work. Maybe not such incredible technical skills after all ...

But I make a mean curry. Which brings me nicely back to where I started with food. That has a pleasing roundness about it.

I am rambling here in an attempt to procrastinate. An attempt? No, simply procrastination. Must do what I am trying to avoid which is send off novel 3 to an agent. 

Wish me luck; I could be gone some time.

P.S. How do you say scone? Long or short o? And which is the posh way? Elin and I disagreed.


katney said...

I think while in Scotland we said skohnz but here we say scones. Since you are neither in Scotland or here, I don't know.

Leslie: said...

We say skawnz here! But then I don't care how you say it; what's important is that you got jam scones and I didn't! lol

Liz said...

And as you say Leslie, what matters is that i got some!

Robyn Lee said... Australia, that is. Whatever...I want one, with jam and cream, too, please.

Anonymous said...

Short "o" from our family and they have to have jam and devonshire cream.

Furtheron said...

Btw - I'm setting up a national help group for procrastinators... well I'm planning to get around to it next week

Good luck with the novel

Liz said...

Jam and cream seem to be a popular choice, robyn and Cheri, and why not?!

Let me know when you get round to it, furtheron!

nick said...

I normally say scons, but I think the posh way is scohnz. Scones with plenty of butter and jam are delicious, though no doubt all that sugar and fat take another ten minutes off my life.

Liz said...

I think scons is the posh way, nick. Got to be plenty of butter!