Saturday, July 27, 2013

My dangly thing is out of place

Am I the only person in the world whose dangly thing always ends up halfway around her neck?

Well-meaning people are always pointing it out and adjusting it for me. I've had more fiddling with my dangly thing that is usual in polite society I'm sure.

I never notice it happening on other people. So is it me? Is it something to do with the angle of my neck? Or the texture? Or am I a gravity-free zone? No, that can't be it, not judging by the way the rest of me droops irrevocably floorwards.

Another one of those mysteries that I'll have to ask God about when I meet him. Like why do teeth have nerves when I've got quite enough of my own without having to bother about theirs? And why do I need hair to grow on my chin? Will it stop me falling over and breaking something when the inevitable brittle bones/tendency to fall over syndrome sets in? Will it help me remember where I put my glasses or my keys, why I went upstairs, or what I wanted to google? And, by the by, why do scissors never stay where you put them?

I seem to have gone off the point. It's time for tea.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Liz ,, I am not even go to try and find out how your brain works ,, what goes on in there on a a daily basis.. :-)

nick said...

If the dangly thing ends up in such a peculiar place, I can only assume you're unconsciously fiddling with it and moving it slightly each time. Well, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

katney said...

No, nick. It just moves. And it doesn't just move for Liz, it moves for me, too--all the time and oddly enough sometimes if I safety pin it to the back of my shirt as well.

katney said...

Liz, was the picture taken in a mirror, or did someone take it for you? I ask because suddenly (while I was at church--sigh!) it occurred to me that your dangly thing slides down on the opposite side that mine does--that is unless it is a mirror picture, which I don't think it can be because that is hard to take without having the camera show up. So does yours always slide down on the left? Mine only ever slides down on the right. I wonder if that means anything.

And I wonder if it always slides down on the same side for each person.

Alice said...

me too, mine too!

(I discovered you via tracy after the photo blog post and loving what i read. thank you for being inspiring AND normal!! )

Liz said...

Probably wise, anne!

I'm certainly not aware of fiddling with it, nick. I shall have to set up cctv to watch me.

Oh good, katney. I'm glad I'm not alone! I took it with the screen facing a mirror so i could see what i was doing. Perhaps it's like water going down the plughole ... I shall check which side.

Oh good, Alice. We are definitely not alone! And welcome and thank you for your lovely comment, although there are those who would question your use of the word normal!

katney said...

Normal is just a setting on the dryer.