Saturday, July 27, 2013

'An opinionated bunch'

Because of the Springsteen gig I wasn't in Zac's last Tuesday. It was just unfortunate that the one week I know for sure I'm going to be away while Sean is on holiday happened to be the week that was a problem for the other 'elders' too. 

But a solution was found in the shape of Glenn Miles. Glenn, who works for Love146 in Cambodia, raising awareness of and fighting to end sexual exploitation and trafficking of children, was in Swansea and he wanted to see how Zac's works with a view to setting up something similar in Phnom Penh. I asked him if he'd lead the evening for us, talking about his work and finding out what the regulars think about Zac's to give him ideas for the future. Having been thus trapped he had little option but to agree ... 

But he asked, 'If a leader is there (Steve had agreed to come back from Bristol where he was based for the week so he could do the introductions and closing up) will they feel able to speak freely about what they think of Zac's?'
I laughed. 'Oh yes.' As if that would stop them.

Afterwards I asked a couple of people how it had gone and they said he'd been great and very interesting but that it had been a quiet night.

A few days later I saw Glenn again and I said I was sorry it had been so quiet for him. He raised his eyebrows and looked puzzled. 'There weren't that many people there but we had a good discussion and they asked me lots of questions.'
'Oh, good.'
'They're an opinionated bunch, aren't they?'

Thank goodness there weren't many there and they were quiet ...

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Luke Squad South said...

Was a really good night, so glad Glenn speaking landed on the night we were visiting as we are involved in similar work. Always a thought provoking experience!