Thursday, June 06, 2013

I blame the sun

I was bemoaning my strange hands (bent fingers) and feet (extra toe) to Husband. 
'Don't worry,' he said. 'It's all part of your ... weirdness.'
'Weirdness? I thought you were going to say charm.'
Back-pedalling rapidly Husband said, 'Well, your weirdness is part of your charm.'

* * * * * * * * * *
I dreamt last night that my novel submission had been rejected. It is incredibly depressing when even my subconscious has no faith in my ability.

* * * * * * * * * *
We went to the library this afternoon. Husband had finished his book and I'd finished three. I wasn't going to get another out as I still have my Blind Date - which turned out to be Sophie's World - to read but I'd started it while sitting in the sun earlier and it's not the sort of book for reading in the sunshine so I went along, just in case something caught my eye. Which it did.

I say caught my eye but actually I asked the librarian if they had it: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. It turned out they did have a copy in their queue-jumping section (you can only keep the book for a week), so I grabbed it and, as I was there, I took Cottage by the Sea, the new one from Carol Matthews, whom I follow on Twitter so she feels like a friend, as well.

Plus another book about prostitutes in France by Rumer Godden. I've just read Thursday's Children, a children's book, by her and really enjoyed it. It's about a boy who wants to be a ballet dancer. A bit Billy Elliott but better. First published in 1984 the book has been republished this year, along with many more of Rumer Godden's books, as a Virago Modern Classic. If I enjoy this one I may work my way through her others. Isn't it wonderful when you discover a new - to you - author? When I first read Barbara Pym I was back and for to the library until I'd read all they had, and then was disappointed to realise she was dead and there'd be no more.

Following our library excursion we drove to Verdi's for ice cream. Well, the sun was shining. Apple crumble and praline pecan. Mmmmmmm.


katney said...

Excellent! You got your ice cream at Verdi's. (Is that the place at Rosilli?)

I have seen that many of Rumer Godden's books are being reissued. I enjoyed a number of them several years ago and look forward to dipping in again.

I had the same experience of reading all a favorite author had to offer and then finding that they died with Agatha Christie. (Shows my age.)

Liz said...

Not Rhossili but Mumbles, katney.

Leslie: said...

Any excuse for an ice cream...or a drive to Rhossili!

Retired English Teacher said...

Interesting. I've recently heard from another blogger about Cottage by the Sea. I think it sounds like a great read.

Rose said...

I remember reading books by Rumer Godden years ago--I'll have to check these out. Even if it's one I've already read, I know I'd never remember anyway:)

Your pool looks so inviting--hope you have lots of sunny summer days to enjoy it!

Furtheron said...

Apple Crumble ice cream!!! Butler call up the carriage with all haste!!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Oh, you'll enjoy 'Harold Fry'! It's an odd book, but compulsive. I took it over from OH who loved it, too.

OK, now I have to confess that while reading your post I've popped over to Amazon and downloaded a Rumer Godden (something about greengages) and 'A Quartet in Autumn' by Barbara Pym, because yes, it absolutely is wonderful to discover a new author! Thanks for that!

Ole Phat Stu said...

I can recommend "The Time Traveller's Wife" by Audrey Niggenegger(sp?)

Anybody else read/liked it?

Liz said...

Absolutely, leslie.

It's easy and fun, RET.
Thanks, rose. I too can re-read books because I've forgotten what happens!

It's one of my favourites, furtheron.

Hope you enjoy Barbara Pym, jay.

I wasn't that keen on The Time Traveller's wife, stu.