Saturday, May 18, 2013

Doctor Who?

"It’s tantalisingly called The Name of the Doctor, which of course has been the mystery at the heart of the series since it began in 1963. " So writes the reviewer on the BBC website about tonight's episode of Doctor Who.

Me: What are they talking about? His name hasn't been a mystery at the heart of the series.
Husband: Yes, it has.
Me; No, it hasn't.
Husband: That's the whole point of the title - Doctor Who. Who is he? He never says his name.
Me: But that's his name, Doctor Who.
Husband: No, it's not; it's a question.
Me: But there isn't a question mark!

So for the last 50 years it seems I've been misled because of bad punctuation. No wonder I never know what's going on.

Husband and I continued to reminisce. 'In the old days it was a simple story, good against bad, completed in one episode or series.'
'Doctor Who takes on the daleks and wins. End of story.'
Not like today when you have to remember minute details about something that was said in episode 5 of series 19.'

Tonight's episode promises to be the most 'audacious and emotional' to date with even dedicated fans having to rewind and view again to follow bits. So no chance of us understanding then.


nick said...

How do we know he's really a doctor anyway? Where did he qualify? And is he an academic or a medical doctor? More like Doctor Where, if you ask me.

Ole Phat Stu said...

"Dr. Who, Time Lord" anagrams into "Odd Hitler Worm" if that's any help ;-)

Ole Phat Stu said...

the second Doctor said in The Moonbase (4.23–4.26) story, that he studied medicine in Glasgow in the 19th century AD. Note that he didn't claim to have received a doctorate there. Indeed records in the archives of the University of Glasgow show no such graduation (in OUR timeline, I don't know about parallel universes ;-))

James Higham said...

These things are never the same later.

nick said...

OPS, what a mine of information you are. Who knew that in a parallel universe he was an Odd Hitler Worm studying medicine?

Liz said...

So many questions, nick. I can imagine William Hartnell as a real doctor.

You are a mine of useless info, stu.

Apparently they are, james.