Monday, May 20, 2013

A bad day at the office

I should have known better than to try to set the oven on automatic cooking so dinner would be ready when we returned from circuits. After the day I've had I should have been prepared.

Arriving in work to be greeted by a non-working phone wasn't too bad. I don't get many phone calls anyway. And it would have been all right if I'd just ignored it instead of trying to fix it. No, me getting down onto my hands and knees to fiddle with wires - and ending up with a socket with nothing to put in when I was convinced there'd been something in it before - was the real problem.

I started off with a broken phone; I ended up by breaking the internet too. And calling the electrician.

And then there were the ants. In the teapot.

I went in search of a fixative cup of tea; I returned deeply traumatised. Extreme measures were called for. I hurried to the shop and bought ant killer. 

On return I spotted an ant on the floor. I decided I'd track it, follow its route so I could find out where they were getting in and position my deadly poison most effectively. It was almost inevitable that I would choose a confused ant who simply ran around in circles. I stamped on it.

So really, thinking I'd be able to have dinner cooked and waiting for us on our return this evening was just plain foolish.

As Scarlett would say, Tomorrow is another day.'


Leslie: said...

...and tomorrow and tomorrow...

Just dropped by to tell you that yes Tegan tends to be deaf (lol) when she's involved in something. For example, today she dug up a dead rat in the far corner of the garden and wouldn't come with it or drop it. I was terrified the rat had been poisoned and she'd get poisoned too, but so far she seems none the worse. I'm so glad my friend was over because she wasn't squeamish about getting it out of her mouth...using double plastic bags, by the way. *Sigh*

nick said...

At least the ants didn't eat your dinner.

Liz said...

The things these puppies get up to! Glad she's okay, leslie.

One thing to be grateful for, nick.