Sunday, October 14, 2012

Things to do before I'm 60

With Ric's birthday meal on Friday my thoughts have been on my rapidly approaching birthday. There's a part of me that says, 'I don't want to be 60!'

But in my 50s I feel that I finally grew into myself and my life has been better than ever. I've had more confidence, enjoyed myself and generally felt good about life. I've seen my children married and grandchildren coming along; I've published my novel and people have enjoyed reading it, Husband has retired and we get along just fine. So what's there to dread about being 60? Life can only get better.

So I will embrace it wholeheartedly, celebrate and make sure the whole world knows, 'I'm 60 and proud of it.' (Not that I am until next month by the way!)

But while I was walking on Saturday I was thinking, I should have a list of things to do before I'm 60 ... but I can't think of anything to put on it! Or even to put on a 'before I die' list.

I have no desire to bungee jump or leap out of a plane; there are places I'd be happy to visit but nowhere I must go; in short, there's nothing I have a desperate desire to do. Am I boring? Or, as I prefer to think, just content with my lot?

Now I'm going to settle on the sofa with a cup of tea and Husband and watch some television. Sounds good to me.


jams o donnell said...

I bet yyour 60s will be great Liz

Leslie: said...

For my 60th, I had a large group of girlfriends join me for dinner at the River Rock Casino and Resort. After a fabulous meal, we played the slots. That was for me a one and only thing to do as I'd never done it before. I'll never do it again as I figure I might as well flush the $$$ down the toilet or better still, donate it to charity. But it was memorable. Last week, I turned 65 and received my gold medical care card in the first, I felt like gulping, but then I thought "what the heck - there have to be some good things about being "mature." Life really got better after 60 for me as Lorne and I met up again and are very happy together. I'm sure you'll figure out something to focus on - maybe a book about the comical side of "aging." lol

Rose said...

It seems to me you have accomplished quite a lot before you're 60, Liz, so there's no need to write a list at all. My 60th birthday hit me pretty hard; I didn't even want to celebrate it. But I'm beginning to realize that I should adopt the attitude of my Dad--who's 87--that I should be thankful these birthdays keep rolling around every year. Something tells me you're not going to slow down or change a bit just because of a silly number--hope you are making plans to celebrate!

Furtheron said...

Contented I think is the right definition of where you are right now and you should be grateful for that.

nick said...

You seem to be doing pretty well in the run-up to your 60th birthday, Liz. You have a very active and interesting life, and you're fit and healthy. Long may it continue!

Furtheron said...

Whenever I think of a "bucket list" I put down the usual stuff - Go to the Indy 500, Travel across USA in an RV, blah blah... stuff I'll never do and really am not that bothered about, if I was I'd have done it by now. Then I do think of things like... see the kids married, settled, doing well in their careers, grandkids - etc. I realise then that this is pointless - I want to be around my family for as long as I can that is the only thing I really want

Mauigirl said...

Liz, we are at that same point in life - I just turned 59 last month and already feel 60 is upon me as my husband turned 60 last week. It seems as if the ordinary homey things in life are what makes it worth living. Sure, I have some things on my bucket list (one is to see the Rolling Stones play live - which I hope to be able to do in December when they have two shows in Newark, NJ, 20 minutes from me!) and of course there are places I still want to visit. But nothing beats the day to day enjoyment of the good things in life.

katney said...

I still have some things I want to do, but just because the calendar says I have long passed 60 I am still in my 20s. But it seems like every time I say I want to do such and so, something else comes up.

Liz said...

I'm sure they will, jams.

We'll just improve with age, leslie!

Oh we are making plans, rose!

I think so, furtheron.

Amen to that, nick.

It's the best thing to want, furtheron.

Day to day enjoyment is the best way to live, mauigirl.

Yo still manage to achieve quite a lot, katney!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I must go to Florence , it is one place I really want to go, and I feel like I must go to a place futher afield.

I remember my 40th birthday and my 50th , so I am damn well going to do something to remember my 60th LOL LOL