Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sometimes only the real thing will do

Yesterday I resisted the temptation to buy Cadburys Fingers in Sainsbury's even though they were only 84p. Today I had such a craving for chocolate I succumbed - and in the local Sainsbury's they were £1.02!

But I am having low calorie venison in red wine a la Rosemary Conley (slimming guru) for dinner. Sort of except for the ingredients I didn't have and the bits I added instead. And the fact that the recipe is meant for 4 but I suspect it will be divided between 2. I am convinced the claimed 'portion' the chef in the video put on the plate was not a real portion. The only reason it is low calorie is that there is so little of it. Like Weightwatchers chocolate biscuits. Which are surprisingly nice and work usually as an evening treat. But not today.

I came back from slimming/exercise class feeling energised and I've worked hard today - so I deserve a treat. Not that I need to convince most of you I'm sure. Not when we're talking Cadburys Fingers.

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nick said...

I've never had a craving for Cadbury's Fingers but my father was totally hooked on them. If supplies ever ran out, woe betide my mother, she would get a roasting!

It never occurred to him to buy his own supplies, of course. He was a traditional 1950s head of household, after all....