Sunday, October 21, 2012

The totem pole of old London Town

We followed our trip to Devon in the week with a trip to Surrey this weekend and today we walked in Windsor Great Park. When they say 'great' they mean great: it's enormous. And very popular with dog-walkers and families.

It would also be wonderful for foragers as there were loads of sweet chestnuts - just lying around, not being collected by roast chestnut stall holders from the streets of old London town - and several different sorts of fungi.

You expect to see statues of men on horses studded around a royal park but you wouldn't necessarily expect to come across a totem pole.
En route to Elder Son's, just going over the hill before getting to them on Saturday, we passed several horse riders and 2 Ferraris. Husband said, 'If we lived here we'd have ... (I expected him to say a ferrari - in your dreams, dear) plenty of horse poo.'
That's my man.


katney said...

What surprised us in London was a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Leslie: said...

Ah! My good old province of British Columbia! We see lots of totem poles here.

jams o donnell said...

Ah I didn't know about the totem pole. Thanks Liz

Gledwood said...

I wonder what tribe it was that did totem poles... surely not all Indians did... being an oral culture they would have placed great weight on the pictures and carvings... also I heard the Indians had an inter-tribal sign language they could use to barter all across America. Before Google Translate came out, that would have been very handy indeed!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

A totem pole - blimey!

Liz said...

London has so many statues, katney!

I thought you'd like it, leslie.

It's a wonderful city, jams, full of the unexpected.

It says the Kwakiutls, gledwood (which if you say it out loud sounds like quackie-utls).

Blimey indeed, welshcakes.