Sunday, October 14, 2012

If there were a prize for foolish

This morning in church at the end there was an opportunity for people to 'share' (hideous Christian word) if there was something they felt they should say. So I stood up and said it was a good job that God uses the weak and foolish because that's me. (there was a bit more to it than that but that was basically it.) Andre also 'shared' but his words were more prophetic and powerful, you know the sort of thing? Deep and meaningful.
Afterwards I was standing near Andre when another man came up to him and said, 'Great words, Andre. Spot on.'And gave the sort of fist-punch of approval. Then he noticed me standing there, and, bless him, felt he had to say something to me. 'You did well too,' he said.

It reminded me of a family party when I was a teenager. I had (still have) a cousin who is 6 months older and a million months better in everything that I thought counted in those days. A great-uncle saw my cousin and introduced her to someone as 'my favourite niece.' Then he spotted me and quickly added, 'And my other favourite niece.'
Yeah, right.

But back to this morning. One person did genuinely say that she likes it when I stand up to say something because she knows I'm someone who's on the same wavelength as her. So that was nice.

I dithered before standing up and I did that test thing with God: if I'm supposed to say it, then if Richard shares anything I'll get up too. And, of course, he did. Which if you're a regular at with Linden you'll know is almost a given. So I wasn't testing it very hard with God. Maybe I should have said, 'If Richard doesn't stand up ...'

And I did mutter something along those lines when I was standing out the front and maybe I shouldn't have ...

See what I mean? I'd win the prize for foolish.


Leslie: said...

I disagree, Liz. It takes great courage to stand up in church to speak. My heart used to pound like crazy when I wanted to stand and say something, but I don't think I ever had the courage to do it...except when I was baptised. I'm aways afraid I'll say the wrong thing or sound stupid or irreverant...*sigh* So GOOD ON YOU!

Liz said...

I'm sure i did sound stupid, leslie! But hey.