Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I don't do

One thing I do
I take an orange out of the fruit bowl. It isn't in perfect condition. I ate a similar one the night before and didn't enjoy it. So I put it down next to the fruit bowl and take another fresher orange instead.
Then I leave the slightly less than perfect orange by the fruit bowl. And leave it and leave it. Until it's so dry and wrinkly I can justify putting it in recycling.

One thing I don't do
Scream. Or even shout. It's just not something I do. I was aware of it last night when trying to make myself heard over the various conversations going on in Zac's - and, yes, I know, I should be projecting not shouting but I can't do that either.
And I realise that I never shout. I call George but that's not the same, and neither is it that loud. When I think I'm speaking loudly others don't hear me so perhaps I'm on Mute. 
Shouting must be very liberating and one day, when I'm alone in the woods, I might just give it a try. If I can.


Gledwood said...

All that shouting sounds like Primal Scream Therapy. Very 60s!

I spent £1 on 5 peaches this afternoon. I only chose them over nectarines because they seemed softer and you know how nectarines can be rock hard and never seem to ripen. Anyway I thought peaches and nectarines were the same under the skin... but they're not. Peaches are much more like soggy toilet paper, whereas nectarines are luscious. How inconvenient..!

NitWit1 said...

We had such a hot summer, the tomatoes my husband planted shrived before ever ripening. He started bringing in green ones I ripened on the window sill. The yield was unbelievably smaller from last year.

However, if fruit is imperfect but 90% edible I cut the bad out and eat it.

nick said...

Shouting is very liberating. And good for the lungs. You should give it a try.

Liz said...

I always thought peaches were just suede-covered nectarines, gledwood.

I cut out bad bits too, nitwit. Can't waste good food.

I must do, nick. But choose my place carefully.