Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Be careful what you pray for

Last week Zac's was a bit quiet. I feared I might have driven even more away this week so I prayed that we'd get a good crowd.

I really should be careful what I ask for: we ran out of chairs.

It was a good evening. Noisy with often several discussions going on at once, so much so that a couple of the rough sleepers kept telling me to 'tell them to shut up.' It is distracting for some when that happens but at least the conversations were on the subject being considered - for the most part apart from a brief but loud argument over whether we're born innocent or sinners - so in a way that was encouraging ...

At the end, when I was offering cake around, Rowland, the elderly wise man of the west, said, 'Well done, Liz. You have the mantle upon you.'

I was so unbelievably chuffed by that comment that I floated around for the rest of the evening and I didn't even panic when the door came off in my hand.

(Will still be glad when Sean gets back though.)

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