Monday, June 04, 2012

Most alarming

On Friday in work I became aware that an alarm was going off. I assumed it was a car in the car park and carried on working.
After about 10 minutes it started to annoy me. 'Why doesn't someone switch that off?' Then it occurred to me that there wasn't anyone else in the building. I sighed, 'I'd suppose I'd better investigate.'
I walked out into the corridor and realised ... it was the building alarm that was going off.

The cleaners had been in and when they left they'd forgotten I was there - although how they failed to notice my car outside is a mystery.

Fortunately it doesn't link up to the police station or I might have had to explain to annoyed policemen why I was sitting there ignoring the alarm.

P.S. If any burglars are reading this, the alarm does link up to the police station really.

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katney said...

I know of at least two teachers who didn't recognize the fire alarm bell in buildings they were new to. That first fire drill of the year was interesting.