Monday, June 04, 2012

Cold feet cold heart

When Sean saw the cake I'd made for Baz's funeral (with his image on it) he said, 'You must have found that hard to do.'
'No, not really.'

When Gareth knew I was reading at the funeral he said, 'Now don't worry if you get upset; we'll all understand.'
I said, 'I won't; I'm well 'ard.'
'Yeah, yeah, we're all hard until we're not.'
'No, really, I'm a hard cow.'

And I am. Cold-hearted. Gave up crying at funerals a long time ago.

Sometimes it's a good thing: I can read confidently without fear of breaking down. Other times I'd like nothing better than a good weep - if only to reassure myself I still have a heart.


Leslie: said...

I find it depends on for whom the funeral is being held. If it's someone I know/knew personally and it was a friend, I get all weepy, but if it's someone whom I just simply knew and admired, then not so much - I'm just there to pay my respects. I think I would have wept for Baz, though.

katney said...

I got weepy yesterday when we sang a hymn we used at my Dad's funeral 17 years ago.