Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sand in my sandwiches

Eating my prawns on Ryvita for lunch yesterday I was suddenly transported back to my childhood, eating sandwiches on Caswell bay. We never had prawns when I was growing up, or Ryvita for that matter, so I assume it must have been the vague sea smell of the prawns that did it. 
But it made me think of hard-boiled eggs and now I'm going to have have one for lunch.

Smells are very evocative. I can be whisked easily away on a scent. Sometimes I know I recognise it but I don't know why; other times it's as fresh and real as if it were today.

Lilac is in blossom at the moment. Every time I pass a lilac bush I have to stop and sniff it. It's surely one of the most under-rated perfumes.

What smells evoke memories for you?


Ole Phat Stu said...

Castrol R

Tracey said...

Old English roses for me. We used to have them in the garden when i was growing up also lavendar... love those smells.. in fact i'm going out now for a quick sniff xx

Leslie: said...

LILACS! Reminds me I must go for a walk to pass by a certain house that has a giant lilac in the front. I always stop and photograph the buds and then the blooms when they're out. LOVE them! I should see if I can find some Crabtree & Evelyn lilac talc at the store.

Liz said...

Nice one, stu.

ah, yes, old roses, gorgeous.

Leslie, they're not showy or blousy blooms but quietly sway there with their gorgeous scent.

nick said...

The smell of freshly-cooked chips. Takes me straight back to when I was a kid and I was in the Cubs. On the way home from Cub meetings I would always stop at the chippie for a bag of chips. It was one of the big treats of the week.