Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One should always stay calm

Whoop, whoop! Going to be interviewed on BBC Radio Wales on 25th June in the afternoon on the Roy Noble Show. Charlotte, the radio producer, suggested the Swansea studio, which makes sense but it probably means I won't be able to see my interviewer, and that could be a bit disconcerting. Never mind, old pro like me, it'll be a doddle. (Too much sampling the rhubarb cake has made me dizzy with my own success.)

So that's: 
official book launch on Monday, 18th June in Oystermouth Library;
BBC Radio Wales interview on Monday, 25th June;
National Reading Group Day on Saturday, 30th June, when I'm speaking in Gowerton Library;
Kidwell-e Festival talk on Sunday, 29th July. 

I will not panic but model myself on the Queen and be dignified, controlled and immaculate. 

Must get in touch with that nice man on Swansea Sound to arrange to go back on there to promote paperback. And now I must get on with what I'm supposed to be getting on with i.e. publicity material for launch.


Furtheron said...

Fantastic... you're much better at the slavish self promotion lark than I am

Leslie: said...

Wow! You're really getting lots of publicity now! Best of luck!

Neil said...

amazing ma! well done. Very proud of you!

Liz said...

Thank you all! And, furtheron, get your act together!