Sunday, April 08, 2012

Speed texting

On the way to Sainsburys Husband's mobile rang. Unusually I was driving so he was free to answer. 

It was Elder Son. He said, 'What's mum doing?'
'Driving us to Sainsburys. Why?'
'She's just sent me 20 text messages in one minute.'

At the next traffic lights Husband leapt out of the car, retrieved my handbag from the boot, found my phone and locked it. By that time I'd sent another 3 messages.
'She's not very good with technology,' Husband told Elder Son. As if he needed telling.


katney said...

Sounds very suspicious to me. Did they actually come from your phone?

Liz said...

Yes, they did, katney. I hadn't locked it and I'd left the text message open so something must have been pressing in the right place!