Sunday, April 08, 2012

It was Friday but Sunday's come

It was Good Friday on ... um Friday, as you probably knew. For complicated reasons to do with the days I work and how much leave I get I decided to work as normal even though it was a bank holiday. (I've been pondering bank holidays and shall do a post about them shortly - I know, I know, but you'll have to restrain your impatience.)

My church, which is also my employer, like many employers, has been in a bit of financial difficulty recently so it was agreed at a church meeting to encourage fasting on Friday followed by a prayer meeting. I didn't fast or go to the meeting BUT I did pray. 

I asked God to put into my head words that were of importance and I jotted down what came into my mind. At the end of the list I stuck on resurrection, what with it being Easter and me thinking that should be relevant. Then with the help of my concordance I looked for scriptures. After a few not-really-what's-needed bits I discovered all of my 'key' words in one chapter of Proverbs. All except resurrection, which was fine as that was me not God anyway. 

And I found that all a bit spooky.

I don't expect God to talk to me. I should but I pay so little attention to him most of the time I wouldn't blame him for ignoring me the rest of it. And maybe you know what it's like: after you've heard from God you begin to doubt that it was him and wonder if it was just not your own thoughts leading you. And if it hadn't been for the amazingness of finding all the words in one section of one chapter I'd probably still be saying, 'Well, yes, maybe.'

From Proverbs 3: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. 

Note to self: must talk to God more and expect him to answer.

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