Monday, April 16, 2012

In which God speaks to me again ... possibly

Linden's Sunday morning talks are recorded (by the experts) and put on t'internet (by me). As I missed yesterday because I was in prison I listened to it as I did other computery stuff in work this morning. It included the encouragement not to give up on your dreams, which set me thinking about novel-writing obviously. (I am so shallow; no dream for world peace for me.)

Afterwards I flicked through a newspaper I'd found lying around and it opened onto the page about female authors writing erotica. 'That's it!' I declared - if you can declare something to yourself. 'God is telling me to write porn.'

The future's bright, the future's blue.

Only problem might be - make that problems:
a) I struggled when all I had to do was let my hero and heroine kiss;
b) I am not experienced in such matters (which may not be a problem as all the women interviewed claimed it was totally their imagination);
c) I would blush so furiously the heat would likely cause my desk to go afire.

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Ole Phat Stu said...

You mean your existing books don'√Ąt give us men a hard time? ;-)