Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Email bad, email good

I get regular emails from the Dylan Thomas Centre advising me of literary events happening there. I received one this morning inviting me to the launch of the new book - from the man who's just rejected my novel! Yeah, right, I'm going to go to that.
Not that I'm bitter or anything.

* * * * * *
Aw, just received another email, this time asking me for my photo and bio for the Kidwell-e Festival website. That makes me feel better.

Trouble is they're going to get to see me in July so I suppose I'd better find an up-to-date photo and not use the one I tend to send i.e. the one of me aged 25 leaping about in the sea in a bikini. (Not that that's got me a publisher yet ...)


CalumCarr said...

Send them pic of George. They'll be intrigued!

Steve Hayes said...

Hey, I'll read your book if you'll read mine!

Furtheron said...

Go to the launch - be really really horrible, you know loud and annoying, a little drunk and disparaging remarks littered about with gay abandon...

(I'm still a work in progress you know ;-))